Cradled in the lap of Himalayas, Manali.. A destination for perfect peace of mind and soul with a perfect treat for the young at heart.

Spiti valley

Manali, a place, a feeling in itself. A land that is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is filled with wonders of spirituality, wisdom, rich religious places and people along with the adventure spots, ancient caves, and waterfalls. The name itself triggers a chain of memories that runs through your mind like a train.

With mountains high up top covered in snow half the year and lush green at times, Manali is like a treasure box for you and your loved ones. A place that is more like the perfect dish that serves your palette with exactly what you like. It is a journey of a soul transformation and a place to remember. They say, if you visit once, you’re welcome twice.’ A picture-perfect location that takes your breath away on the move no matter the age. With villages and tribes holding traditions from times before the tracks and mountains show the magnificence of nature.

Beautiful waterfall Manali
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Its ever shaping faces are added color by the seasons when the trees change hues and the landscape is transformed into a real treat for your heart to melt. With temples and monasteries that give you a divine spiritual retreat to your soul and on the other hand the old shepherd treks and the beautiful waterfalls and the roaring winds on heights of the mountains. These experiences make you go inside and see life with a better and clearer lens. An experience that leaves a mark in your mind and the memories of people, kids, colors, and scenes that lighten up your spirit. Plan your Manali tour package and enjoy your vacation.

The Buddhist roots in this area bring people from all religions, all over the world all in search of some spiritual guidance and enrichment. The wisdom the living of the people, the prayers at the old Siyali Mahadev temple, the ancient Hidamba temple and the meditations at the GandhanThekchhoklingGompa could give you the perfect experience of peace and the calm of your soul.

Spiti valley
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The view of the setting sun on the turquoise waters of the Chandratal lake at an astounding height of 4300 meters. One of the high altitude lakes in the foot of the Himalayas, located in the Spiti valley of the Samudra plateau. Gushing streams, mountain passes, vibrant meadows, astonishing landscape and breath-taking landscapes and orchards with exotic wildlife. Next up the high altitude motor-able trek of Baralacha, nested up at 4,980 meters above sea level is a trek connecting Spiti, Ladakh, Zanskar and Lahaul regions filled with picture-perfect scenes small villages with Indo-Tibetan sects. Enriching culture and traditChandratalion is worthwhile to spend some breaths in.

Solang valley
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The culture, art, traditions and art effects stored pristinely with grace to preserve and reflect all the years the land has seen, witnessed and harbored. Along with the spirituality, art, and culture we head on to the adventure at the Solang Valley which is well known among the tourists and locals for the paragliding, zip lining and the adrenaline rush of skiing if you catch the chance of visiting Manali in the winters. The beauty of the waterfalls and temples and the ancient cave of Arjuna. This cave is to be said as old as the formation of Manali. It is a narrow pathway into the hills, pitch black after a certain point makes it a thrilling experiences and the descent at a distance makes you even more excited. It takes a total of 45 minutes to explore the entire cave. As said by the locals, this was the cave where one of the Pandavas, ArhJuna meditated by the banks of Beas river. The legend of Shiva’s boon to the wise one is like scribed in the air as it marks the Place.

Grab your chance to visit, explore, and experience the bliss in the air of Manali that is calling out for your presence. Grab the opportunity and give yourself the chance to live and to see life at the closest giving you a new way to see life.


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